The Brass and Woodwind Shop Victoria BC     Victoria, British Columbia, CANADA
    TOLL FREE (US & Canada): 1-888-388-4840
    Tel: 250-388-4844

Owner, Don Geisbrecht, is professionally trained in the repair of all brass and woodwind instruments and has over 40 years experience. When you bring your instrument in to the Brass and Woodwind Shop, you speak directly to the person who will repair your instrument. Repair estimates are free. We do everything from minor repairs to major overhauls. The Brass and Woodwind Shop has a reputation for doing quality repair work at a reasonable price. Professional instruments are given special attention and professional replacement parts.
All brass and woodwind instruments should be serviced once a year to maintain playability and as preventive maintenance. Brass instruments require cleaning and lubrication to prevent corrosion inside the horn. Woodwind keys require lubrication and adjustment, and pads periodically need to be replaced.

Sampling of brass services:

  • Chemical bath cleaning (complete dissasembly, wash in cleaning chemicals, all new corks and felts, valve realignment, polish slides, lube and oil)
  • All types of dent work (big and small!)
  • Silver and soft soldering
  • Valve repair and adjustment
  • Patching of brass
  • Install spit valves
  • Shortening or lengthening of tubing for tuning
  • Install custom parts such as lead pipes

Sampling of woodwind services:

  • Chemical wash of body of saxophones and flutes (after complete dissasembly), keys hand polished
  • Pad and cork replacements
  • Lubricate key rods
  • Dent work on flutes and saxophones
  • Tone hole leveling
  • Adjustment of key heights and remove lost motion
  • Silver solder broken keys
  • Custom key modifications and adjustments to suit individual players
  • Crack repair of wooden instruments
  • Shorten clarinet barrels for tuning
  • Rebuilds of damaged tone holes

We make custom adjustments to instruments.

INSTRUMENTS: Saxophones | Flutes and Piccolos | Clarinets | Oboes | Recorders | Trumpets, Flugelhorns and Cornets
Trombones | Tubas and Baritone Horns | French Horns | Other Instruments
MOUTHPIECES: Saxophone | Clarinet | Trumpet, Flugelhorn and Cornet | Trombone | Tuba

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